Assessment of the price potential of an intranasal formulation of a benzodiazepine (EU5)


Our client, the Global Marketing Manager, Product Expansion of a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, was considering in-licensing an intranasal formulation of a benzodiazepine for  Europe. A price considerably higher than the intravenous formulation would be needed for the product to be commercially viable. There were indications that a higher price might be achieved for  an oral mucosal form of the same drug that had recently been approved in paediatric epilepsy; however the clinical trials of the intranasal formulation had been conducted in conscious sedation.

The client challenge

Our client needed to understand whether it was possible to achieve a commercially viable price launching the intranasal product in conscious sedation and, if not, what evidence was necessary to achieve such a price. He needed an informed view to present to international colleagues within 4 weeks.

How we helped

We conducted extensive desk research on the oral mucosal formulation of the benzodiazepine to understand the trials undertaken, the view of HTA authorities, and the price and reimbursement status where available. We investigated the trials underway for other intranasal formulations of  the benzodiazepine in question. We also considered the analogous situation for oral mucosal and intranasal formulations of fentanyl. We held internal brain-storming sessions to interpret the research findings and consider the pricing and market access processes that would apply for the different indications. We consulted an ex-payer in France and in Spain to glean additional information and confirm our view.

The outcome

Our client was pleased to receive an opinion backed up by a strong body of research within 3 weeks. He continued to seek detailed advice from us on the situation and processes in each country during the following weeks as the opportunity was progressed.

Client testimonial

The report has moved our thinking forward - it's a real contribution, and we need to look at follow-up work based on it.

International Product Director

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