Assessment of the value of a treatment for bladder cancer in ex-US markets


Our client, was the senior director of health economics and outcomes research in a small US-based specialty pharmaceutical company. The company had an injectable product for the treatment of bladder cancer in phase 3 studies and wished to find a partner to market it outside the US.

The client challenge

Our client needed to understand how payers outside the US would view the product and the data support package required at time of launch in order to inform the out-licensing process and assess the commercial value outside the US. He needed his colleagues to have a better understanding of  pricing and reimbursement in non-US markets in order that they would accept advice if this pointed to a less favourable situation than in the US.

How we helped

We undertook desk research in 6 EU markets, Egypt and Japan into the price and reimbursement status of other products used in the same place in the treatment pathway, other products in development, and clinical and regulatory guidelines related to products in bladder cancer. We undertook a couple of KOL discussions to get a good understanding of key issues for the management of these patients  before 15 payer stakeholder discussions across the core markets chosen to probe on how the product would be assessed and its perceived value. Prior to presenting our conclusions to the client team in the US on the likely reimbursement situation and price levels achievable for the product and the evidence needed to support this, we gave a seminar on the basics of European pricing and market access systems and future trends that was open to a wider audience.

The outcome

The seminar and presentation attracted a lot of interest and lively discussion. Our client was very happy that his colleagues had taken on board the challenges in terms of evidence needed in Europe to achieve the price level that was being considered.

Client Testimonial

The team agreed that this was the best piece of research we had ever seen presented- your knowledge of European reimbursement really helped our understanding.

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