Assessing the implications of different evidence packages for a new HIV drug (EU5, Russia & Mexico)


Our client was the Global Market Access lead for a new HIV drug being developed as a single agent and as a fixed dose combination by a medium-sized international company. Phase 3 trials were ongoing with the 2 products in a wide range of patient types (from treatment-naïve to multi-class resistant), and against different comparators. No results were yet available and some studies were recruiting more slowly than expected.

The client challenge

Our client needed to understand the implication for access and price of launching with and without data from specific studies, and the upside and downside depending on trial outcomes.

How we helped

We developed product profiles with different evidence scenarios as part of the materials used in research with payers and payer-advising KOLs for HIV. We conducted in-depth discussions in 5 major European markets, Mexico and Russia and conducted round table discussions in UK, Italy, Spain and Germany, working closely with affiliates to select appropriate stakeholders.
We were able to inform our client how different evidence packages impacted the perception of value and access of  the single agent and the fixed dose combination. We determined acceptable price ranges associated with different levels of access  in each market.

The outcome

The work undertaken was well perceived by the global team and affiliate teams. It was used by the client in planning launch timing, refining value propositions and in revenue estimation. The work was extended to include Canada after the affiliate had seen the results of the project in Europe.

Client Testimonial

Your work was very well received by the affiliate team and the quality of the work is well recognised. Good job!

Director, Access to Medicines

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