Assessment of Future Payer Environment for Pipeline Products using a Payer Advisory Board


Our client, the Global Pricing and Market Access function of a specialist biopharmaceutical  orphan drug company, wanted to  hold a Payer Advisory Board to review its entire pipeline from a EU payer perspective taking into account the current and future environment.

The client challenge

The company had six products at various stages of development in variety of therapeutic areas and with very different challenges. They wanted to understand the potential market access hurdles in Europe and how to overcome these for each product. One of the greatest challenges was to create an agenda and structure the meeting in a way which would keep the payers engaged and maintain an appropriate level of discussion across the product portfolio. The other key challenge was to provide them with an appropriate level of information on each of the rare diseases and products to ensure that they could give an informed opinion.

How we helped

We secured world-class payers from 7 different European countries to participate in a 2-day meeting and handled all the logistics of the meeting. We reviewed extensive clinical data for all six products and produced comprehensive, but concise, background materials that was sent to the payers a week in advance of the workshop. We worked closely with the client on the development of the agenda and  their short summary presentations for each product for the meeting. We moderated the meeting, which allowed the client team to engage actively in discussion with the payer panel.  We provided a comprehensive write-up with our conclusions and recommendations for each of the products and across the company pipeline.

The outcome

The client valued our collaborative approach in preparing the meeting and was impressed with the quality of the contribution of the payer panel. They found the report extremely useful and appreciated us going to the extra effort to produce a slide deck with key take-home messages for the senior management meeting a few days after the Advisory Board.

Client Testimonial

Thanks again for all your efforts on a great Advisory Board; it was a tremendously valuable experience. The debrief with the Senior Executives went very well yesterday. Thanks for your help in providing a summary to meet that timeline.

Global Director, Market Planning

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