Payer environment assessment and implications for global activity prioritisation


Our client was the newly appointed Director of Global P&MA in a top 10 pharmaceutical company. Her team’s resources were limited and she needed to prioritise its efforts. As part of this, she wanted to identify which countries and products should be the focus of priority effort and why.

The client challenge

We were asked to undertake a very rapid assessment covering 30 countries across the globe. This was to identify (a) the current situation in terms of the impact of pricing and market access hurdles on our client’s portfolio (b) the likely evolution of the pricing/payer situation over the next 2-3 years in each of these markets and (c) whether any industry action might positively influence the situation.

How we helped

Our work was all based on secondary research and involved a great deal of internet searching together with the use of databases to which we subscribe. Our clients’ own market information was also used. In parallel with collecting the information we had to define the best way to summarise it, so that key aspects could be presented at a senior management meeting.

The outcome

Our client was delighted that we could complete this work to a high standard and within 15 working days.

Client Testimonial

The results of this work shows how RJW & partners is clearly differentiated from other agencies working in this area.

Director of Global Pricing and Market Access

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