Development of a pricing & market access strategy in diabetes in Europe and the US


Our client was a Pricing & Market Access Director in a medium-sized EU-based company with significant success in the diabetes field. A new product was being developed and they wanted to develop a preliminary P&MA strategy. There was particular interest in the use of innovative pricing deals and contracting options.

The client challenge

Our client had to develop a pricing & market access strategy including recommendations for clinical and health economic data development and revenue-maximising price in top 5 EU markets and the US. Understanding the potential value and implications of innovative pricing arrangements and contracting options was a particular interest.

How we helped

We developed a value proposition for the new product, and identified the supporting evidence. We also undertook detailed secondary research into the use of innovative pricing arrangements by reviewing other products and therapy areas, and assessing payer/HTA body reactions to them. All this material was summarised as part of the information we took into a semi-quantitative primary research phase. This involved discussions with about 50 clinicians and payers. Our recommendations described the likely payer acceptance of the product value profile and evidence base at different price levels. We made price recommendations for the different markets, taking account of the necessary evidence to support the product as well as how/whether innovative pricing arrangements might help to sustain prices.

The outcome

Our client was very pleased with the work we delivered and the insights were used to optimise the value profile, to define the pricing strategy and to develop the evidence  base.

Client Testimonial

Thanks for another great piece of work. I've come to appreciate how much I learn from our interactions and that's not something I get from other suppliers.

Director, Global Pricing & Market Access

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