Providing global recommendations for pricing and indication sequencing in oncology


Our client was the Global Pricing & Market Access Director for oncology in a mid-sized company whose primary business was in oncology and cardiovascular disease. The company was introducing a new oral agent for use in a range of cancers, some of which were very small and others large.  Key decisions were being faced about price, indication launch sequence and the role of innovative pricing/contracting.

The client challenge

Our client needed to decide (a) whether certain indications should not be launched because the price potential might be too low and (b) whether the indication launch sequence would have a significant impact on price potential across a wide range of markets (Europe, China, Japan and the US). He also needed to decide whether contracting deals should be used as part of the strategy.

How we helped

For each market we defined the P&MA situation for all existing treatments in the indications in question. We then sought to understand the reactions of HTA bodies in these areas and used this information to structure discussion materials for use in a primary research phase  in each market. We undertook semi-quantitative pricing research using interviews at national and local levels (payers and clinicians who advised on guideline development). Our analysis assessed public and ex-manufacturer price potential, together with potential market access restrictions, and incorporated international price referencing rules.  The role of contracting/innovative pricing arrangements was also included in our recommendations.

The outcome

Our work led to a challenging price proposal that was accepted by our client and the global product team. We defined the key clinical and economic arguments needed to support the price so our client knew what needed to be done in order to achieve their objective.

Client Testimonial

Thanks for a great piece of work. We have learnt a lot from working with you and look forward to collaborating on other projects.

Global Pricing & Market Access Director

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