Global Value Dossier development for a new product in ADHD


The client company for this project was a global leader in the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) field. We had completed several projects for them previously and they asked us to develop a Global Value Dossier (GVD) for a new product in their portfolio. It was already available in the US and this work was to help with the launch in other markets.

The client challenge

The main challenge was to ‘fit’ this new product into the existing portfolio without extensive cannibalisation. The brand strategy had outlined some specific patient groups for which  the new agent could be targeted, but there was no credible clinical or economic evidence supporting this specific use.

How we helped

We undertook detailed assessments of the clients’ data, together with evidence from the published literature, to develop a convincing value story to underpin the GVD. This was agreed in several meetings and teleconferences with our client and his team. Once agreed, we developed the GVD around this, bringing in the most relevant and credible evidence we could find that was aligned to the story. As with all our GVDs, there was extensive use of illustrations and tabulations to ensure the messages were not lost by readers. The GVD incorporated a strong payer objection handler and a summary slide deck was developed so that affiliates could easily grasp the value story and key support.

The outcome

Our client was delighted with the work and we were asked to develop two other GVDs for his team as a result. Feedback from the wider team was also very positive.

Client Testimonial

As stated by others, this Global Value Dossier is very well written, a pleasure to read... Very good job.

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