Interactive Global Value Dossier development with external message testing


Our client was a Global P&MA Director in a top 5 pharma company. The company is a global leader in the oncology field and it recently introduced a new product for the management of medullary thyroid cancer. Our client needed a GVD to accompany the roll-out and wanted to test some of the key messages that would be included.

The client challenge

Medullary thyroid cancer is an ultra-orphan disease and relatively little information is available on which to base a solid GVD. This also meant that discussions with stakeholders had to be conducted in such a way that they would understand the value argumentation and issues, when they had rarely encountered this condition.

How we helped

Our assessments included all aspects of our client’s data together with extensive literature reviews. Using this, we developed a logical and credible value story which was then discussed with a small number of European payers.  Insights gained from these discussions were used to tune the value story and the GVD was built around this. There was no economic support for the product but a budget impact analysis was available which we could work with to produce some clear financial messages.  The GVD was developed into an interactive PowerPoint slide deck with linked references and a detailed payer objection handler.

The outcome

This was the second such project for our client and she was very pleased with the work. Since completing this work in 2011, we were asked to complete two more pieces of work, one of which was a much bigger interactive GVD and separate objection handler. The wider team has been very enthusiastic about the work.

Client Testimonial

I am very happy with the deliverable and I really like working with your team.

Director of global pricing and market access

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