Our Approach

RJW & partners provides senior level expertise within the pricing and market access arena working in partnership with companies operating in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Because of our specialised experience in the healthcare industry, you will get to the key issues quickly and credibly. Our existing industry knowledge means you spend more time with us in the “learning zone” and have more opportunity to question issues and strategic assumptions whilst also having the opportunity to put time into preparing for the inevitable challenging questions that senior management will put to you.

We specialise in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, which enables us to provide highly specialised advice and guidance on the projects we get involved in.


  • We work solely in the healthcare industry and therefore bring highly specialised knowledge and experience to every project.
  • We have experience working on all therapy areas and have personally advised on the pricing and market access strategy for most of today’s leading brands.
  • We can work across all stages of the product lifecycle, before full scale development, during phase 2 to define early strategy and support needs and also at phase 3 exploring how the technical features of a product can be converted into a robust value proposition.
  • We have experience in designing pricing and reimbursement systems for governments in emerging markets.
  • We have been heavily involved in planning policy and decision-making for pricing and market access areas such as therapeutic reference pricing and risk-sharing.
  • Our senior managers have experience in top positions in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and government. This enables us to deliver deep insights into payer decision-making and how this should influence your commercial and development opportunities.
  • We tackle every project with fresh ideas while at the same time selecting from tried-and-tested methodology that underpins our approach.
Contact us
  • Address: The Old Sawmills, Filleigh EX32 0RN
  • United Kingdom
  • Email: info@rjwpartners.com
  • Telephone:
  • Ad Rietveld: +44 (0)7904 222 898
  • Neil Johnson: +44 (0)7904 225 978
  • Chloë Brown: +44 (0)7943 859 598