Our Services

We provide consultancy services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and we only work in the pricing and market access fields.

We can work with you across all stages of your products' lifecycle. Before full scale development as you consider new opportunities, during phase 2 working with you to define early strategy and support needs and also at phase 3 where we look at how the technical features of a product can be converted into a robust value proposition.

We understand the issues facing our clients and have deep insight into the concerns and environment that they work in, giving us a unique perspective and the ability to assist clients in a way that makes a real difference.

We are not a process or general management consultancy. We do not work outside healthcare and we are not a market research agency.

  • Our experience as payers, industry senior management and clinical and economic specialists who focus solely on pharmaceuticals and medical devices gives us a wider and deeper personal experience in pricing and market access than other consultancies. 
  • Because of this extensive experience we are able to deliver exacting insights into payer decision making and how this should influence your commercial and development opportunities.
  • Between us we have worked across all therapy areas and with most of today’s leading brands. This gives us strengths in pricing and market access that our clients say are world-class.

Explore our services in more detail:

Pricing Strategy Development

Evaluation of New Opportunities

Value Proposition Development, Validation & Communication

Evidence Gap Analysis and Planning

Payer Environment Assessment

Payer Negotiation Training

Our Team

RJW & partners team members have a broad range of experience working in all therapy areas, advising on pricing and market access strategies for most of today’s leading brands.

We work in Europe and internationally operating in the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific and Latin America allowing us to provide a truly global perspective on pricing and market access.

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  • Address: The Old Sawmills, Filleigh EX32 0RN
  • United Kingdom
  • Email: info@rjwpartners.com
  • Telephone:
  • Ad Rietveld: +44 (0)7904 222 898
  • Neil Johnson: +44 (0)7904 225 978
  • Chloë Brown: +44 (0)7943 859 598