Evaluation of New Opportunities

Why it matters

When considering new opportunities for in-licensing, it is critical to include the payer perspective in your evaluation to ensure that commercial assessments of price and the size of the potential market are realistic.

What makes it difficult

Companies often have a very limited time to assess a new product that is available for in-licensing before deciding whether or not to invest in it. It is therefore essential to be able to think through the issues quickly, but thoroughly, in order to avoid making expensive mistakes or missing out on real investment opportunities.

How we can help

Assessments of in-licensing opportunities on the basis of desk research and internal expertise, can be turned around in a week or two. If more in-depth assessments are needed and time allows we will review our hypotheses with a limited number of payers or former payers in relevant countries to ensure that all aspects have been considered.
On the reverse side, we can also provide advice when you have out-licensing opportunities. Demonstrating that the product has been reviewed and supported from a payer perspective helps to present a strong case in discussions with prospective partners.

What makes us different

With experienced former payers on our staff and our extensive experience in pricing and reimbursement across virtually every therapy area gained over years in the field, we are able to ‘get inside the payer’s head’. We will assess how the new opportunity would be considered by price-sensitive decision-makers, provide an informed view of the likely reimbursed price level that could be achieved and identify any major hurdles to access.

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