Evidence Gap Analysis and Planning

Why it matters

Defining the clinical, economic and other support elements that will address the evidence requirements of reimbursement and HTA agencies is critical to allow you to achieve market access  at the best price for your product.

When clients need our help

Planning an evidence development programme in early phase 2 ensures that the phase 3 programme and other activities can be optimized to take into account market access as well as regulatory needs.
When pivotal phase 3 studies are in place, there are many additional elements of evidence support that can be developed to support clinical and cost-effectiveness of the product and the unmet need that it addresses.
Assessments of likely payer reactions to a planned evidence support package can be critical for example to consider whether data from a particular study is necessary to support access at the target price, or indeed to reassess whether the planned evidence will support estimates of price and volume that are being used in forecasting revenue.

How we can help

We undertake evidence gap analysis and planning on the basis of desk research that can be combined with different levels of primary research with payers and other stakeholders, with the approach adapted to the particular situation.

What makes us different

With our backgrounds in clinical development and experience in pricing and market access from industry, consultancy and payer perspectives, we pride ourselves on providing detailed, specific and actionable advice.  We put ourselves in your shoes and give pragmatic advice on activities that will actually influence the price and market access of your product.

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