Payer Environment Assessment

Why it matters

Understanding the evolving payer environment into which your product will be launched is needed to have a realistic assessment of the best price and access situation that can be achieved and maintained.

When clients need our help

Payer environment assessments are needed at many stages of the development and life of a product. This can include determining whether to initiate or proceed with research for products in a particular therapy area, deciding which are the best launch indications for a new product and planning for new indications of an existing product.

How we can help

We can undertake payer environment assessments using a range of approaches depending on your needs and the time until potential launch of a new product. An initial assessment may be done using extensive desk research together with internal expertise. We can also include assessment of the environment in primary research using individual discussions or Advisory Boards.

What makes us different

We will think through the issues for each new project using our internal expertise before proposing a specific approach.  We will work with you to ensure that the methodologies used are those which are necessary to address the issues that are important for your product.

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