Payer Negotiation Training

Why it matters

It is vital that affiliate teams who are responsible for negotiating price and reimbursement understand the value arguments and  supporting evidence and are comfortable on how to use them. They also need to understand the weaknesses in the story and gaps in the evidence in order to be prepared to handle difficult questions from payers effectively.

What makes it difficult

Negotiation training needs to be challenging to be effective but at the same time needs to boost confidence of the countries that they can achieve the desired results.  Negotiation training needs to be done in a  friendly and constructive environment in order to pressure test value propositions and core value arguments and to develop constructive solutions before going ‘live.’

How we can help

We can organise workshops to meet your needs depending on the maturity of the value argumentation and data, whether considering global value arguments or detailed country-specific propositions.
Typically, we work with affiliates from a range of countries, and we will bring them together with payers and/or ex-payers from a selection of those countries that represent different types of decision-maker.  In addition to product-specific training, we often include some more general exercises on selling to price-sensitive customers.
If global brand teams wish to test their ideas out on a payer panel before going out to affiliates, we can work with small payer panels composed mainly of our internal payer experts.

What makes us different

We do not have a single approach. Whatever your needs, we are happy to work with you to develop an agenda and activities that will help you to achieve your goals in terms of effectively communicating with payers and price-sensitive audiences.

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