Pricing Strategy Development

Why it matters

Setting or achieving the right price for your product across countries is key to optimising revenue and profit, and it is critical to have realistic assumptions of price level at an early stage of development.

When pricing a product is challenging

There are a number of circumstances when pricing a product can be particularly challenging. These include:

  • When there are a number of potential indications and indication launch sequence is critical to optimise price and opportunity.
  • Alternative positions in the treatment pathway are possible and associated with very different levels of willingness to pay.
  • Entirely novel therapies where no alternative treatments exist.

How we can help

We can apply a variety of methodologies, depending on the situation. The approach we use will depend on the stage of development of the product and the complexity of the question:

  • Desk research confirmed using our internal payer expertise.
  • Qualitative payer research using individual discussions.
  • National or international payer Advisory Boards.  
  • Preliminary health economic modelling.
  • Semi-quantitative pricing research with clinicians.
  • Evaluation of potential risk-sharing arrangements.

What makes us different

We tackle every assignment with a fresh view ensuring that the services offered are tailored to your requirements. We will only propose to use the methodologies that we believe are necessary to address the issues that are important for your product.

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