Value Proposition Development, Validation and Communication

Why it matters

It is essential from an early stage of development to have a clear idea of how your product may fit into therapeutic strategy and the unmet needs that it might address to ensure that payers and price-sensitive customers will be convinced of the value that it provides over other therapies available.

When clients need our help

At an early stage of development, we can develop aspirational value propositions that will help you in planning your clinical trial programme to ensure that the interests of payers will be addressed.
When you have a foundation for your product profile, we can test how different aspirational value messages resonate with payers to help guide further evidence development and provide realistic assessments of how the price potential and access may vary from upside to downside profiles.
Once phase 3 trial results are available, we can develop clear payer value propositions and use all the evidence available to support them.

How we can help

We develop internal value communication tools to disseminate information to internal stakeholders on how to present and support the value of products. The format may vary from a classic Global Value Dossier in Word format that contains detailed information suitable for cutting and pasting into pricing and reimbursement submissions to a ‘data-light’ PowerPoint format aimed at getting the key messages and information across to internal audiences rapidly.
We develop Objection Handling tools, usually in interactive PowerPoint format to help companies handle difficult questions from payers in a consistent manner.

What makes us different

Our value communication tools, including Global Value Dossiers, are developed by pricing and market access specialists, usually Directors of the Company, who have experience in clinical development and health economics. This ensures that they focus on payer needs and evidence that is relevant to demonstrating the value of the product.

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