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Assessment of Future Payer Environment for Pipeline Products using a Payer Advisory Board


Our client, the global pricing and market access function of a specialist biopharmaceutical orphan drug company, wanted to hold a payer advisory board to review its entire pipeline.

The pipeline contained six products at various stages of development. Their indications spanned a range of therapeutic areas and each faced very different challenges.

The client wanted to understand the potential market access hurdles each product could face in Europe and potential solutions to overcome them.


We supported the client by preparing and facilitating an advisory board that helped them understand the EU payer perspective on each product in their pipeline, taking into consideration the current and future environment and challenges.


A key challenge was developing an advisory board agenda and structure that would cover the pipeline portfolio with sufficient breadth and depth of insight.

We also needed to prepare the payers with an appropriate level of information on each rare disease and product to ensure that they could give an informed opinion.

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RJW&partners organised a 2-day payer advisory board for the client and secured payer participation from seven different European markets.


Ahead of the advisory board, we reviewed extensive clinical data for all six products and produced comprehensive, but concise, background materials. These were sent to payers a week before the advisory board to ensure there had time to review the content.

We also worked collaboratively with our client to develop an interactive agenda and produce short product presentations for the advisory board.


We moderated the payer advisory board, which allowed the client team to engage actively in discussion with the payer panel.  Afterwards, we provided a comprehensive write-up of the discussions and shared our recommendations for each of the pipeline products.


The client valued our collaborative approach during the preparation of the payer advisory board. They were impressed with the quality of the contribution from the payer panel and found our report to be extremely useful.

The client also stated that they appreciated RJW&partners’ efforts to produce a key findings and recommendations presentation for a senior management meeting a few days after the advisory board.

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