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Virtual Team Meeting

Payer negotiation training workshops for three products during the COVID-19 pandemic


A major multinational pharma client wanted to support their market access leads prepare for payer engagements for three high priority products.

One product had been on the market for 5 years, while the other two were new product launches. The client objective was to gain market access with optimal pricing for the new product entries, and to reiterate value and retain optimal price and access for the existing product.

RJW&partners supported the client market access leads with tailored training to facilitate their preparations for upcoming payer negotiations.

It has been a pleasure to work with RJW&partners on this project. The team has been incredibly responsive, agile, and flexible to meet our needs. They have been very considerate to our overall objective and have provided the solutions we needed.”

Global Patient Access Director


Our client needed to prepare market access leads for upcoming payer negotiations across a range of therapy areas for three high-priority products, two of which were new orphan drug launches.

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RJW&partners developed training materials and sessions for the market access leads exploring a range of negotiation skills and concepts, payer engagement topics, and product-specific content.

Our training sessions allowed affiliates to practice their delivery of each product’s value messages and prepare for the handling of payer objections. They also provided an opportunity for affiliates to discuss negotiation strategies and approaches in different markets and with different payer types.

Finally, RJW&partners facilitated a mock payer negotiation training workshop involving experienced payer panels. The workshop allowed participants to pressure test ideas for successful value communication, P&MA negotiations, and payer engagement.


Given the travel restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the training sessions were conducted in a virtual setting via Zoom, using a mix of “breakout” rooms and plenary sessions.


Following the training and mock negotiation sessions, the market access leads were in a stronger position to engage with payers and achieve both their pricing and market-specific objectives.

The interactive workshops also provided an opportunity for participants to clarify opportunities and challenges associated with each product, as well as develop tailored strategies ahead of upcoming negotiations.


Affiliate participants shared very positive feedback about their experience at the training sessions and mock negotiation workshop and expressed their appreciation for the opportunities to practise presenting and handling payer objections.

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