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Payer and KOL perspectives on innovative contracting agreements in haemophilia


Our international pharmaceutical company client had two marketed haemophilia products that, although broadly reimbursed across Europe, were subject to frequent pricing and reimbursement discussions with payers.

The client had developed innovative contracting designs for these coagulation factor products, and wished to test their feasibility with payers and key opinion leaders across the EU5, Sweden and the Netherlands.

This work is outstanding, and the value it brings to our products has caused a positive ripple across the organisation. I’m looking forward to the forthcoming negotiations in order to fully implement the contracting framework."

Global Head of Patient Access


Our client wished to test payers’ reactions to a series of innovative contracting designs for two haemophilia products, across the EU5, Sweden and the Netherlands.

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After analysing the different procurement systems for haemophilia products across the EU5 markets, Sweden and the Netherlands, we reviewed the innovative contracting agreement designs.

Based on these contracts, we devised hypotheses to test with relevant payers and payer-advising key opinion leaders, through a series of telephone interviews.

We investigated how appealing the contracts were, their practicality, and any improvements that could enhance the likelihood of uptake and implementation.


We summarised the reaction to the contracting frameworks, by market, taking into account the by-country variation in reimbursement for haemophilia products.

We also provided our own actionable recommendations for improving and implementing the agreements, based on the payer and KOL input.

Mock negotiation training workshops with payers were proposed, to allow our client to further pressure test the frameworks and prepare for real pricing discussions.

This training was later carried out to support the implementation of the refined contracting structures.  

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