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Development and facilitation of a payer negotiation training workshop to support ambitious pricing objectives


A major multinational pharma client wanted to run a mock negotiation workshop for affiliates. This was in preparation for the launch of a new formulation of an existing product facing generic competition.

RJW&partners organised a payer panel with representation from all in scope markets (Egypt, Iraq and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and developed core value story slides to support affiliate presentations during the mock negotiations.

This facilitated the delivery of an interactive 2-day workshop that built affiliate competence and confidence.

I wanted to thank everyone for a productive and successful workshop in Beirut. We appreciated the hard work both in advance and during our time in Beirut.  Everyone could see the improvement in their country’s value stories following feedback from “internal mock payers” and the external experts.”

Director of Market Access


Our client’s targeted reimbursed price for the new formulation was parity or premium versus the older formulation.

However, the older formulation faced generic competition and the newer formulation had a lower daily mg consumption creating considerable pricing challenges for the client.

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RJW&partners supported the negotiation training workshop preparations and material development.

We invited relevant payers from all in-scope markets to be part of challenging, yet encouraging, payer panels. We also developed value proposition slides that could be used by workshop participant groups as they developed tailored, local value stories.

Lastly, we developed the workshop agenda, format, and facilitation approach to encourage interaction and create a supportive environment.


Client feedback highlighted that, following the workshop, participants felt that they were in a stronger position to engage with local payers and achieve their pricing and market-specific objectives.

Additionally, their depth and breadth of knowledge about the clinical aspects of the product and company strategy were improved.

The client also appreciated the opportunity to practice presenting and handling objections, and for the support provided by the RJW&partners team.

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