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Pricing & market access recommendations for a product in alcohol dependence in Europe and Russia


Our client was the Global Pricing & Market Access Director for a new product in development for use in alcohol dependence.

This was a new area for the company; phase 3 had just been completed and HEOR arguments were still at an early stage.

While the product had some novel features in terms of dosing, it was going to enter an area where products were well established and access would be hard.

I really appreciated how you managed to present so much detailed information in such a concise, clear manner so that the implications could be immediately understood. It is rare for qualitative payer research to be presented so well."

Head of Market Research


Our client needed to define the value story and  pricing recommendations for European markets & Russia and to determine the country launch sequence.

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Our first project was a rapid assessment of stakeholder perceptions. This involved 2-3 interviews with key stakeholders in each country.

Following this we undertook detailed secondary research to inform our development of the value story. The key arguments from this work were used as background material in a more detailed piece of semi-quantitative pricing research involving interviews with about 60 stakeholders across 7 countries.

Our analysis and recommendations considered price/month as well as price/tablet at public and ex-manufacturer levels.

The work incorporated international price referencing rules and considered the necessary additional support that might help support the case.


Our recommendations were accepted and incorporated into the launch planning. From the client we heard that initial pricing and market access negotiations have been successful with target price and market access achieved. 

The client continued to ask for our advice on an ongoing basis for subsequent issues including review of the Global Value Dossier and the use of innovative pricing arrangements.

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