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International price referencing and launch sequence analysis across 120 countries


Planning a global product launch across 120 markets is complicated. Reference pricing rules in many countries adds to that complexity.

Our client, the Senior Director of Global Marketing at a mid-sized pharma, faced just this challenge with a new product for seasonal allergic rhinitis.

We helped develop an optimal launch sequence plan which took advantage of higher-priced nations, while minimising the potential downward price influence lower-priced markets.

We also created a reference price matrix tool, allowing the client to explore the pricing impact of different launch sequences.

This is great work; exactly what we needed. It’s fantastic that you completed it so quickly."

Head of Specialty & Senior Director of Global Marketing


Our client was launching a new respiratory disease product in 120 countries across the world.

Due to extensive reference pricing rules in many major markets, a launch sequence plan was required in order to maximise the impact of higher-priced nations and curb the downward price influence of lower-priced markets.

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After confirming the latest international reference pricing rules across all markets, we conducted in-depth research in a sub-set of markets that were either key sources of reference prices in other regions, or which themselves referenced others' prices.

This, combined with up-to-date pricing benchmarks in each country, enabled us to develop an optimal launch sequence plan that avoided lower-priced countries' impact and took advantage of that of higher-priced markets.

Given that precise launch timings in multiple markets can be hard to predict, our model had to have some flexibility. We developed an easy-to-use reference pricing matrix in Excel, which our client used to test the impact on pricing of other launch sequences. 


Our client was deeply appreciative of the quality of our work, the rapid turnaround time, and the utility of the reference pricing matrix.

We met internal deadlines, and the client used both the launch sequence plan and price modelling tool in their launch planning activities. 

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