Assessment to inform corporate strategy based on P&MA issues with biosimilars


Our client was the Head of Global Pricing and Market Access in a mid-sized EU based global company. They were successful, particularly in cardiovascular disease, but also in biologicals. They were exploring a shift in business strategy towards the development and marketing of branded biosimilars.  As an input to the decision making, our client wanted to understand the likely reception of biosimilars by payers and clinicians in Europe, the US and Brazil.

The client challenge

The business strategy for biosimilars needed to take account of a 5 year perspective in an environment that was only just emerging.  Estimates of the future were dependent on the construction of clear scenarios where the assumptions were as robust as possible.  It was important to gain external input into the scenarios, which was a challenge since payers were drawing on relatively little information/evidence.

How we helped

We based our assessment on the regulatory, pricing and payer hurdles in order to understand whether there were likely to be significant hurdles or significant encouragement of biosimilar pricing and uptake in each market. We looked at what could be learned from analogue cases of biosimilars already launched eg growth hormone, EPOs. The desk research informed our preparation of discussion materials which we used in interviews with clinicians and payers in each market.  Our analysis and recommendations focused on the likely adoption of biosimilars, potential price levels, which hurdles stood in the way of adoption and the extent to which local formulary committees might encourage substitution.

The outcome

Our work was extremely well received by our client which has since publicly announced its intention to enter this space.

Client Testimonials

Your slides are much clearer and more professional than those slides of competitors on a similar project. Your approach to projects and thinking are 1000% higher quality' than the work of other consultancies.

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