European payer objection handling workshop for an orphan drug (enzyme replacement therapy)


Our client, the Global Pricing and Market Access function of a specialist biopharmaceutical orphan drug company, wanted to conduct a two-day meeting to test the value story of their new enzyme replacement therapy with payers and to build the confidence of affiliates in negotiations, including how to deal with objections from payers.

The client challenge

The client had to satisfy the needs and expectations of about 30 people from affiliates from a wide range of different countries. This required making the workshop relevant to all countries, whilst not being specific to any country. It also presented a number of logistic challenges given the need to work in a number of smaller teams in parallel sessions. Furthermore, although the product was close to receiving market authorisation, some elements of supportive data, especially those that involved modelling of benefits and cost-effectiveness, were not fully developed at the time of the workshop.  

How we helped

We worked closely with the client to plan a varied and interactive 2-day programme, with time on the 1st day for affiliate participants to prepare for negotiations with payers on the 2nd day, and handled all the logistics. We reviewed extensive clinical data in order to produce concise but comprehensive, background materials and information for the affiliates to use during the workshop. We secured the participation of world-class payers from eight different European markets and paired them by payer type for the negotiations. Affiliate groups then rotated around payer pairs for simulated negotiations, with team members taking turns to present. We moderated the two-day meeting and provided a comprehensive write-up to with our conclusions and recommendations regarding further preparations to ensure readiness for reimbursement negotiations.

The outcome

The client was impressed by the quality of the write-up and the speed with which it was produced. The client was able to use successfully the output of the meeting in their subsequent negotiations with payers.

Client Testimonial

I wanted to write to thank you for supporting us with developing and implementing the workshop which was a great meeting and everyone involved has gained a lot of useful insight, learnings and had fun. You did a great job with a lot of hard work and focus on detail.

Senior Director, Global Market Access

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